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Monday, October 29, 2007

kicking myself in the ass

OK I've got to shake this. My friends haven't kicked my ass for me, so I better do it. Must get out of the blues.

Above, is the picture of my best friend. my bud, my companion for 18 years. He is in cat heaven now. I hope he is having lots of fun. He deserves it. It is hard on me though. He is sort of the only one that really took my crap and came back to be schmoozed and pet. What a pal.

This blog is dedicated to him. He went from a frisky little fluff ball. Running up the stairs he could barely jump. He looked so cute tumbling around fiercely batting at our feet. He was a gift given to me. I at first never wanted pets as gifts, but I couldn't resist him. He chose me too. So, I guess we were stuck with each other. He had attitude right from the beginning (much like his owner) but still had that warmth to come and snuggle on the couch.
I will miss him...I do miss him.
I suppose life is like that.


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