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Friday, January 27, 2006

election and no fun

Finally, I can write a blog once again. Somehow, I feel I am talking to myself. Mmm I guess that isn’t too much from the usual.

This last week was a little traumatic with the election and all. Do I see a Red, White, and Blue Maple Leaf? That would be the name Harper. Oh look I think his lips are attached to someone’s a… Oh! no sorry, my mistake. I guess I need to be happy in the fact that we are allowed the choice to elect any…uh person into office. Not my first choice of words, but this is a public forum. I don’t want the guys in the black suits and glasses picking me up …oh sorry that is the U.S. – Such an influence.

Work, work, work. I promised myself that I would have some fun in the New Year, and not be consumed by that 4-letter word. Well, I can’t say that I have had much luck. I just seem to get through the week in exhaustion and then collapse on the weekends. I have been pondering this problem for some time now.
So, what is the remedy? If anyone is reading this…advice? Somehow, I feel I am talking to myself.

That is all the enlightenment I can muster for one night.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Taxes!...I thought we were in an election...I still have to pay taxes?

I just received my tax forms in the mail. I guess that means I have to actually organize my receipts. I hope I don’t have to pay money. Lets face it, I am not a millionaire. Oh wait; I wouldn’t HAVE to pay taxes if I was because my money would be in the Cayman Islands or wherever the tax shelters are nowadays.

I sometimes wonder if they can take out that part of my brain to stop being such an upright and straight-laced citizen. Why can’t I just be a crook and not worry about the right thing? Being ‘good’ is way too much work sometimes without much reward. I know! I know! Having a clear conscious is its own reward. Mmm hmmm! Well, tell that to the people with their hand out all the time.

It is Friday the 13th. I am not really superstitious. I couldn’t be!! I have deleted millions of those “ Don’t delete or else” emails and none of those things have happened to me. I figure I have gotten enough ‘bad end of the sticks’ in my life already. What else could possibly go wrong …except death? But as the new young grim reaper on TV says, “All you have time for is to say %&(#*%&#.”

I am not complaining about my life! So, all you fellow bloggers do not have to comment on that. I feel very blessed and content (but still a doer :0) in my life. That doesn’t mean it has been a bed of roses, or rainbows and sunshine all the time. It can be a bit of a dichotomy …no?

Maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket today. I could be hiding money off on the Cayman Islands too! Wouldn’t that be a treat? Just like all the big boys.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

First week back- and already flack ( see it even rhymes)

Wow! I survived my first week back to work. I know that may be a poor excuse for not blogging, but you know …it is just one of those things. I have to say that when a person gets away from a situation/ routine, it becomes evident how much the everyday can affect a person. It’s weird that it is usually a negative affect. Things that are trivial become bigger and bigger. Situations, which on a regular day seem harmless, become catastrophes. People who regularly you don’t mind or even enjoy being around; you want to kill. These are the pre-break thoughts. A Jekyl and Hyde scenario shall we say.

I wonder what endorphins or chemical imbalances cause us to change our perspective. This could be a breakthrough to stop those leaders who want to kick some ass. If we could give them a different perspective, maybe they wouldn’t go to war. However, I digress.
My week of work was pretty good. I like the fact that I need 2/3 less preparation time. So, why no blogging? Well, I had thoughts of many things to write, but they weren’t witty, or interesting. I guess I just thought and it didn’t get down onto the blog. I am a thinker, you know.

It has been an odd 2006 so far. ..not bad so much, just weird.

Did I have revelations? Well, I am working on that. I am not sure if they were that so much as different perspectives due to situations and conversations. I guess that has been utmost on my mind. How people think of things. It really creates all sorts of havoc if two people do not have the same viewpoint. It has become more evident recently. Who knows maybe I have just been paying more attention.

Well, That is it. That is the ramble.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

How astute and sedulous are you?

Everyday I receive the “word of the day”. Sometimes they are worth a read sometimes, although novel, are such archaic, dust laden words that only those authors that have too much time on their hands would use them. You know the ones, I know you do. Although, I have to say that these archaic words are helpful in reading literature of the past. Don’t get me wrong, all knowledge is good knowledge…but who is ever going to use these words. I mean if you take a look at the proficiency of the English language now! Well, call me prescriptivist, but how hard is it to make a complete sentence without using ‘like’ 600 times. So, if we can use a vague word such as ‘like’ for all purposes then why would we need words like (notice one proper use of like)- redivivus pronounced red-uh-VY-vuhs.
Or, today’s word:
exegete \EK-suh-jeet\, noun-A person who explains or interprets difficult parts of written works. Exegete is from Greek exegetes, from exegeisthai,"to interpret," and is related to [4] exegesis.
Or, even one of my favorites, infracaninophile. Ahh yes, that will be my downfall, being an infracaninophile. No, I don’t use it in everyday dialogue. I think I would be looked at as if I had 2 heads. Don’t think I won’t try it at the next party I go to though. Someone may want to give me a soothing salve or something.
What is this trend at the moment to dumb everything down? Why are we now ashamed of the knowledge for which we have continually searched? I recently had a rather heated discussion with a colleague about ‘plain language’. The colleague attested that people who speak with large words and vocabulary are pompous and elitist. There is no reason for it and everything should be put into plain language. I understand where this person was coming from in the context of literacy. Of course, many people are functionally illiterate, or illiterate. Possibly, they have a learning disorder, or brain injury of some sort. However, to exorcise all the elaborate words out of our language so that people don’t “feel bad” is unrealistic. I wonder if anyone has ever asked the said people if they want their contemporaries only to speak to them in small or frequently used words. That just says that they don’t have the capacity to learn if they so desire. If they don’t desire it, then that is fine. I don’t think it should be mutually exclusive. Once again, I have run across this attitude to get rid of one in order to engage the other. Why is there no balance? Those dictionary people would really be out of a job, wouldn’t they? Not to mention what that would do to the lawyers!! Ok well, no one would really worry about that, but they are people too. I think.
P.S. As I was writing this blog, I even learned something. ‘Laden’ as I have used it, is an adjective and does not change form. It comes from the verb lade (reminds me of “The Princess Bride” when they are trying to bring the hero back to life. The old wizard doesn’t want to help them and instead of saying it magic word was ‘love’ the hero spoke, the wizard says, “no, I distinctly hear to lathe.” Well, I thought it was funny.). Even though many people I have heard pronounce it as ladened. Well it may only have been me, but hey…that is just the assiduous student of life I am.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Desk IS CLEAN...for now

Well, I have spent the day 'cleaning' my desk. Why do I keep this stuff? I continue to come across articles, advertisements, notes, whatever. I read them after holding on to them for months and go, "What was I keeping this for?" I guess I have come to conclude that I am an information hound, and it is a sickness... There must be a therapy group for that somewhere. There is for everything else.
So, why am I cleaning mundane and meaningless material when I have a free day? Good question to ask myself. Inevitably, I know that if I don’t do it now it will stay like that until the next break and it will take me twice as long to clean it. Instead of part of one day…several perhaps. It is all exponential. Ohh I did a math analogy…good for me (patting self on back). I have jumped into the New Year with ‘doing’.
That is it for now. I just needed to say, “MY DESK IS READY FOR THE NEXT DISASTER” ;0 )

Monday, January 02, 2006

I have once again been convinced to try new technology and expand the already diverse and busy life of me(It really wasn't that hard to convince me). I think I will start off a little slow with this and not get too personal or opinionated. I know those who know me that will eventually read this will be counting the minutes until that is a voided comment.
What will happen in 2006? What will be the goals and anticipated results? That will only be seen on January 1,2007. Isn't life exciting? It certainly is. I had recently had chats with friends and acquaintances about our retrospective of 2005. Some said they had a great year and had substantial reasons for this response, while others, had a rather disappointing and negative response. This began me pondering why people do not see the most obvious things and continue to make mystery of nothing. Shall we say not seeing the forest for the trees? I know someone has created this line, if anyone knows whom, I would be interested to discover it. I feel; however, that I can use it without repercussions (since I have not claimed it my own invention).
I hope all of you have a forest to stroll in, and a garden in which you may rest.